NASA’s Artemis I Moon Rocket Will Launch on Friday, May 21

NASA’s Artemis I Moon Rocket Will Launch on Friday, May 21

November 16, 2022 0 By Jess Livingston

NASA’s Artemis mission is slated to launch on Friday, and it will be a test flight of its Space Launch System rocket. It is the largest rocket NASA has built, and it will be capable of launching the uncrewed Orion moonship and other components directly into lunar orbit, as well as rendezvousing with a planned space station or lunar lander.

The mission management team will meet Monday, May 21, at 6 a.m. EDT to review operations. It will make a decision on whether to proceed with tanking operations. At L-8 hours, 40 minutes into the countdown, the team will assess tanking operations. Afterward, they will meet again to discuss next steps.

The US Space Force oversees rocket launches from the US East Coast. The Eastern Range oversees the site in Florida and works to ensure there is no danger to people or property during the launch. The team has met with Eastern Range officials and is working to resolve issues and provide detailed information that will help the agency approve the launch. However, the team is taking things one step at a time. As the US Space Force continues to scrutinize the rocket’s readiness for launch, the team must be patient.

After the Artemis I mission, the agency plans to launch a crewed lunar base. While the moon itself is not yet ready for humans to walk on, the agency is aiming to put four astronauts on the moon by 2024. This milestone will be the first step in returning humans to the moon.

This mission will land the first woman and a person of color on the lunar surface. It will also lay the foundation for long-term exploration of the Moon and prepare the way for human missions to Mars. The SLS is NASA’s backbone for deep space exploration, and it is the only rocket capable of sending multiple astronauts and supplies to the Moon. It is expected to cost about $93 billion over the next decade and a half.

The Artemis 1 Space Launch System booster is currently undergoing a wet dress rehearsal to ensure that it is fit for flight. The rocket will be filled with about 730,000 gallons of super-cold liquid hydrogen and oxygen. The test is scheduled to take place in late May. If you’d like to watch the entire test, visit NASA’s Kennedy Newsroom YouTube channel. You’ll be able to hear about it live and learn more about the project.

The Artemis I mission will be the first of three Artemis missions. The next two will take two astronauts to the moon in 2025. The launch of Artemis I is expected to be a spectacular night launch. The team will conduct final preparations of the umbilical arms and the core stage before the launch. There’s a chance that the mission may take longer than originally expected. The duration of the mission will depend on the orbital dynamics at the time of launch.

NASA’s Artemis I moon rocket is currently undergoing a wet dress rehearsal. The team is working to seal the leak while manually adjusting the pressure of the upper stage. As of this writing, the mission should launch on schedule. One of the most pressing challenges facing the launch is a leaking hydrogen quick disconnect. This could be dangerous when hydrogen meets air. The team is working to find other ways to seal the leak.