Samsung’s 2022 TV Lineup

Samsung’s 2022 TV Lineup

October 31, 2022 0 By Jess Livingston

In 2022, Samsung is set to introduce a new TV line that will include a variety of OLED and MicroLED displays. The company will also upgrade its Lifestyle TV line and add new AV enhancement technologies. Additionally, the company has made OLED official and confirmed that QD-OLED TVs are coming.

The company’s new lineup includes a wide range of televisions, soundbars, and accessories. These new TVs will be able to integrate with other electronic devices, allowing them to work seamlessly and deliver deep personalization. Ultimately, the goal is to make the television the central hub of entertainment.

The new TVs will come in a variety of sizes. The Frame LS03B, for example, will be available in seven sizes, starting at 32 inches and increasing to 85 inches. The new TV will feature a 4K 120Hz resolution, a matte panel, and quantum dot colour. Another new model, the Serif, will come in a larger size of 43-inches and will also offer MultiView functionality.

Samsung has also given its smart platform, Tizen, a much-needed overhaul. In 2018, it added voice capabilities, making it easier to navigate menus. In addition, it introduced its Bixby virtual assistant, which allows users to control other Samsung devices. In addition, the 2020 update added a new dark theme and a sleeker look. Additionally, it also introduced a new feature called ‘Smart Hub’ that allows users to customize their interface.

Samsung’s 2022 TVs will use the new Neo Quantum Processor and QD-OLED technology. They will use a more efficient color filter method that avoids the need to use a white subpixel to bring back brightness. While QD-OLED does not offer major brightness improvements, it does offer a much brighter color spectrum.

Despite the lower price tag of the Galaxy S21 Ultra, the Galaxy S22 lineup has a range of traditional smartphone designs. The Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G will be the first flagship phone in the new 2022 line. Its predecessor, the Galaxy S21 Ultra, supported the S Pen but had no place to store and charge it. The 2022 Galaxy S22 Ultra will offer a way to carry and charge the S Pen and will come with the latest specifications.

While Samsung’s 2022 Neo QLED TVs offer impressive functionality, they can’t match OLEDs’ black levels. However, the new QLED technology will allow the Neo QLED TVs to deliver Dolby Atmos sound. As with all Samsung TVs, the 2022 Neo QLED TVs will be powered by the Tizen OS smart platform. In addition, they will be equipped with a brand-new Smart Hub, which will collate content based on your viewing preferences.

The 2022 model also features new sizing options. It has an anti-glare screen and features an Art Mode, which lets you view famous works of art right on the screen. Moreover, it boasts 45 percent thinner bezels and flush-mount speakers.