How to hire a remote or freelance workforce for customer support and telesales?

How to hire a remote or freelance workforce for customer support and telesales?

February 14, 2021 0 By Andrea William

Many businesses, as well as employees, want to stick to the work-from-home model. Employees save time, energy, and expenses spent on commuting to the office. They also get more time to spend with their family members. 

Similarly, businesses, too, have experienced substantial benefits of the work-from-home model. It reduces business costs and employee costs and also increases employee retention.

Building on this idea, businesses can hire entire teams of remote or freelance employees, especially for their customer support and telesales team. This practice will enable enterprises to leverage additional benefits, like 

  • Accessing a broader talent pool
  • Hiring high-quality employees from all over the world
  • Improving their financial growth and reputation
  • Enhancing productivity and scalability while reducing high costs
  • An AI-powered platform for maximum efficiency

So, how do you start remote recruitment for your customer support and telesales team?

Remote hiring the right way

While remote hiring may look easy, it is, in fact, more complicated than traditional hiring, as it involves many complexities. For example, your hiring managers don’t meet the candidate personally to assess their soft and hard skills while hiring remotely. 

Additionally, you receive numerous applications compared to traditional hiring, and there is no guarantee that the employee is even genuine. Thus, if not done correctly, the process can become problematic and do more harm than good.

But don’t worry. VOIZ has got you covered for all your remote customer support and telesales recruitment needs.

Hiring on VOIZ

VOIZ provides not one, but two hiring models for recruiters to choose from. They can carry out individual candidates or entire team hiring through carefully selected VOIZ contact centres.

The steps to hiring your customer support and telesales workforce through VOIZ: 

  1. Pick A CX Model

As mentioned earlier, you can assess, shortlist, and hire individual candidates or an entire team through VOIZ contact centres.

  • Post Your Project

Once you decide the CX model and the number of employees you want to hire — post your project on the VOIZ platform. Share details like the job role, timings, and other relevant information in the job listing. Then the job listing recommends candidates and teams that match these requirements. It happens because of the platform’s AI capabilities that ensure you have a high-quality talent pool, to begin with.

  • Select Applications

Individual applicants and contact centres will apply/bid on the job listing. You can then connect, conduct interviews,  and select members for your customer support and telesales team. 

VOIZ’s unified dashboard allows seamless applicant management and communication, ensuring that you don’t need to look elsewhere. It allows you to filter out candidates, across all stages, from application to production.

  • Hire And Manage Employees

Once you find the best-suited employees and team, you can hire them through the VOIZ platform. You can even provide them with training and monitor their daily tasks through the VOIZ dashboard. 

VOIZ’s integrated workforce management platform allows you to manage, communicate, and collaborate with your remote CX agents/teams. You can handle every task related to employee hiring and management through the platform. Audit and improvise workforce performance by reading results in real-time.

To Sum It Up

With the world economy taking a hit after the pandemic, most businesses outsource work outside their core functions. Freelancers or remote workers are gearing up for the increasing demand. VOIZ’s talented workforce allows you to deliver seamless customer service at every touchpoint and ensure an exceptional experience with each interaction. Choose VOIZ and update your CX to a remote model. Click here to know more!