Mastering Coding Step by Step Tutorials and Resources

Mastering Coding Step by Step Tutorials and Resources

August 30, 2023 0 By Jess Livingston

Coding skills are necessary for many careers, and learning them doesn’t have to be expensive. Online resources and coding bootcamps provide accessible, engaging ways to learn.

Avoid the tutorial zone, also known as “tutorial hell.” Look for resources that encourage you to practice your code by building projects and not just watching.


Scratch is a programming language developed by the MIT Media Lab. It is a block-based coding language, making it easy for children to grasp. This visual interface piques kids’ interest and makes coding fun.

Once logged in, click “Create.” You will see an interface with backdrops and characters (or objects) on the left side of the screen. These are called sprites.

To create a sprite, click on the icon that resembles either a rectangle or an ellipse in the toolbar. You can also clone sprites to move them around the screen.


Swift is a modern programming language that combines the performance and efficiency of compiled languages with the interactivity of popular scripting languages. It has a concise code syntax that is close to natural English, and it supports interaction with long-standing Objective-C or C++ code bases.

Designed by Apple, it works best for native iOS and macOS development but also supports Xamarin and React Native cross-platform apps. Its streamlined compiler makes it fast and efficient, and automatic reference counting simplifies memory management.

However, its frequent version updates can cause problems for smaller apps, especially when it comes to refactoring and recompiling. It also lacks support for some features that other languages have.


Codecademy is a fun and engaging way to learn how to code. Its lessons use a code-as-you-go method which means that you are given text about a concept and then asked to apply it to various challenges and questions.

The site has a gamification element which is great for keeping students motivated, this includes the ability to see your streak and the opportunity to earn badges. There are also forums and in-person Codecademy Chapters that you can attend to get help and support.

The website is free to use but you do have to create an account. You can then share your profile link with others to show them your progress.


Codewars is a coding practice platform that allows users to compete against other users. Users can create and submit challenges (called Kata) that other members can practice and rank based on their performance.

Users can search for a specific kata or try out a random one to see what they can accomplish. They can even work on a kata with a friend to compare their solutions.

The site supports 29 programming languages and helps users become flexible programmers who can adapt to new situations in the workplace. They can also use Codewars to prepare for job interviews by completing interview-style katas.


While it might not be the most beautiful platform to look at, freeCodeCamp delivers what its users need. Its simple interface focuses on clarity rather than aesthetics, allowing you to follow the lessons without distraction.

The curriculum covers a wide range of topics, from responsive web design to machine learning. It also offers coding interview prep courses and Rosetta Code tasks.

The platform does not offer job placements or a guarantee of a job, but it says that over 40,000 students have gotten tech jobs after finishing its curriculum. It does offer 11 official certifications that you can include in your portfolio.


This online platform offers free coding tutorials for web developers. It covers a broad range of topics, from basic to advanced, and is popular with individuals and businesses in South Africa.

In addition to tutorials, W3Schools also provides detailed references for different web development languages. This makes it easy to find the information you need quickly and easily.

Learning to code can be challenging, but it is important to keep in mind that everyone learns at a different pace. It is also important to stay motivated and not give up if you experience setbacks or obstacles. If you’re struggling to master a particular concept, try practicing it more frequently or seeking out a different approach.

Code Conquest

The codequest platform lets students learn to code in a way that is engaging and fun. It combines hackathon community, game, and event structure to introduce students to computer science concepts while improving their overall algorithmic knowledge.

Cory Althoff, a self-taught engineer and software developer, has uploaded many step by step coding tutorials. His one-hour videos are a great way to quickly master the basics of top back-end and front-end programming languages.

This free online coding guide provides learners with all the background information they need to get started. It also offers tips for obtaining a full coding education without having to spend a fortune on specialized training websites, quality books, or cheap classes.