The History of the Apple Computer

The History of the Apple Computer

May 29, 2022 0 By Andrea William

The Apple computer was introduced in 1976. Its popularity soon spread to the world. However, Apple soon began falling behind in the personal computer market and lay off thousands of employees. This was when Steve Jobs became chairman of the company. The computer industry was booming and IBM introduced its first PC in late 1981. Steve Jobs’ sons, Jon and Michael, joined the company in 1982, and both men became incredibly successful. They continued to innovate and develop the company until Steve Jobs’ son, Tim, died in a plane crash.

In the following year, Apple introduced three more affordable models, the Macintosh Classic, the LC, and the IIsi. These three models were successful and set the shape for modern laptops. The next year, Apple released System 7, a major update to its operating system that included new networking capabilities and color screens. The name “Macintosh” was chosen for the computer because of the high popularity of Apple products. Currently, Apple’s Mac computers have become some of the most popular desktop and laptop computers in the world.

The Macintosh II was the first Apple computer, with an MOS 6502 chip for its central processing unit. The machine came with four KB of RAM, but could be upgraded to 48 KB in the later model. Apple also marketed the computer with a color monitor, and Steve Jobs signed a letter addressing technical questions about the machine. The Apple II’s storage was initially a cassette tape, but later moved to an external floppy disk drive. It also had eight expansion slots for floppy disk controllers, SCSI cards, and video cards. Users could also add other expansion cards, including the Apple II. Various vendors sold expansion cards for the Apple II.

The first Apple computer was the Apple I, which was only a modest success. The Apple II was a breakthrough and had color graphics. The Apple Disk II was a simple, affordable machine with a floppy drive. A decade later, Apple began producing Macs for everyday use. A number of Apple products were released, including iPods and Mac Mini. The company continues to focus on the innovation of their products, while building a global brand.

The Apple Computer Company was founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. They met in 1971 when they sold “Blue Boxes” for free long distance calls. Later, Steve Jobs and Wozniak met at a computer club in Cupertino, California. During this time, the two men were working on a project, which would become Apple Computer. However, the high price of the Apple computer and power struggles among executives caused problems in 1985. Wozniak returned to Apple in 1995, and Apple Computer, Inc., was born.

In addition to the Macintosh computer, Apple has released iPads. The iPad Pro, which shares the same silicon as the Macintosh computers, has a wireless configuration. The iPad mini and Air are two upgraded versions of the Apple iPad Pro. Other Apple products include Apple TV, iPod headphones, and HomePod Mini smart speakers. The iPod touch is the last member of the iPod line. The iPad is the largest tablet in the Apple computer line.