What Is The LumeCube Air?

What Is The LumeCube Air?

February 27, 2020 0 By Andrea William

The Lume Cube Air is the lightest, smallest and most portable indoor lighting fixture in existence today. Combining powerful, professional-grade light output with a versatile & durable structure, the Lume Cube Air is an excellent tool for anybody looking to make better video & picture without breaking the bank. For those who are creative and artistic, the Lume Cube Air can also be used as a home projector or television stand, making it a versatile fixture that’s great for a wide range of uses.

When purchasing the LumeCube Air you want to ensure you pick out the correct model. With many brands being designed to work well with each other, the LumeCube Air is made from a series of different parts to allow it to adapt to the needs of its user. With a variety of features including:

The LED’s (light emitting diodes) on the LumeCube Air provide a low-powered but highly effective light source. These types of lights are perfect for interior use as they are easy to set up and take down. The LED bulbs have an extremely long life span with no heat generation or emission which allows them to work in temperatures ranging from zero degrees Celsius to well over 100 degrees Celsius. You will never experience heat build-up on your LumeCube Air as this type of light is designed to resist such temperatures.

The dimmer setting allows you to control the amount of light produced on the outside of the Air. This feature is extremely useful when using the Air as a tabletop, as well as for outdoor use. The dimmer setting also enables you to adjust the amount of light generated by the bulb from the outside to that within the Cube, allowing you to produce different levels of light for different settings.

The diffuser and the mounting system included on the LumeCube Air make it ideal for mounting anywhere. The diffuser is also very easy to remove for cleaning purposes, which makes it ideal for use in the house. The mounting system included in the kit allows you to easily mount and uninstall the Light in no time at all.

In summary, the LumeCube Air is one of the most versatile lighting fixtures currently available, offering a host of unique features along with the ability to quickly adjust and change between different modes. When purchasing the LumeCube Air it’s essential to ensure you buy a high quality model from a reputable brand so you’re guaranteed to get the results you want!