Why desktop Gizmos Aren’t As Popular As Mobile Apps

Why desktop Gizmos Aren’t As Popular As Mobile Apps

September 24, 2021 0 By Andrea William

A gadget is an ingenious piece of electronic apparatus or a complex mechanical object used for private or professional uses. Gadgets can be called gizmos, too. Gadgets come in all shapes and sizes; they are designed for many purposes. Some gadgets are even powered by the latest technology. We would, in this article, look at some of the more popular gadgets and their usages.

What is a widget? A widget is an application, which, as the name suggests, is embedded in the desktop or other graphical interface of a computer. Many popular widgets such as Google widgets and Microsoft widgets are available free of cost and can be used for personal or business purposes. The term widget was first used in IBM’s Personal Information Manager or PIM.

One may think of a widget as a miniature web browser. Web browsers have become a vital part of all web-based applications. However, when we refer to a widget as a gadget, we do not mean a small web browser. For instance, there are several official Facebook widgets, as well as Twitter’s badges and the sidebar clock widget.

There are many widgets available on the Android platform, as well as the iPhone and Windows Phone. The best part about these gadgets is that they can run on a variety of mobile platforms – from Android phones to iPhones. They can be used for entertainment purposes or as a tool for business. As already noted, some of the most popular widgets available for users on the Android and iPhones are games.

A software widget, on the other hand, is a small program that runs on a desktop gadget like a computer or a PDA. It allows the user to access a website or a file from their computer or PDA. Widgets can also perform tasks like displaying a toast message on a Windows Live Messenger conversation, or showing an image on your Windows Task Manager. If you think a desktop gadget is more appropriate for your needs, then there are also desktop gadget examples for Windows and Linux OS.

With this information, you will know that there are many differences between desktop and mobile apps. Desktop widgets are often more robust than their mobile counterparts. For instance, a desktop widget for Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Excel can open up in the browser, while a mobile browser might not open up at all if you don’t have internet connectivity. Mobile apps can run on multiple OS platforms. So if you are using a mobile phone, don’t assume that it can run desktop software widgets on it.